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“My school has to keep up with me not the other way round:


After a weekend of over-indulgence, I needed a hard workout. I wasn’t disappointed, my trainer provided an excellent full body and core routine:

  • 80 Pull-up inverted rows – makes you feel really strong
  • 120 Sit-ups – wallops the core muscles
  • 80 Push-ups – not the girlie ones!
  • 96 Dorsi raises
  • 96 Squats

Basically, 8 rounds of 10, 15, 10, 12 and 12 respectively – phew!

Pull-up inverted row


The long goodbye

She’s 95 and in hospital after a fall. She is confused with the early stages of dementia. She is not in pain, which surprises us as she has bruises from the fall and a heart murmur. She is frustrated, anxious and complains that no one understands how she feels and constantly asking; “why can’t I make you understand how I feel”. The most heart-rending moments are when visiting hours are over, she is begging us not to leave her. This will all be repeated in the next visit. Old age can be cruel and as the nurse said: “It is the long goodbye”.

Love is................ by fstop186
Love is……………., a photo by fstop186 on Flickr.

I bought this for my husband, but sadly it is not big enough. What a disappointment!

To say that the Isle of Wight is quirky is an under-statement. During the summer months, it becomes one long festival. It is obviously well-known for its music festivals and Cowes week, however, it has festivals for garlic, old gaffers</a, chilli, and more ….. they have a festival for all tastes http://www.iowtouristcard.com/iowevents.html.

One of the most quirky villages is Godshill. This is where you go for cream teas, chocolate island and gift shops galore. On our last visit, last weekend, we visited Godshill and had a meal in The Griffin pub. It was our wedding anniversary and my husband promised me a luxury cruise and a slap-up meal – in reality it was a 40 min return crossing on the Isle of Wight ferry and burger n chips. To be fair, it was great fun. The Griffin has an interesting take on burgers. We ‘Overners’ snobbled Billy biters!